Birth Registration

       => To register birth the person should appear before administration office.
       => To register birth parent’s of the child should be appeared.
People that register birth:- 


        => If the parent of the child alive either his father or mother or both
        => If one of the parents die the one who was alive either mother or father
        => When both parents dead either tutor or a who is responsible for a child
        => If the child was found on the street either police or legal officer
Document required for the service

       => Should submit resident ID or passport which is renewed if he is an Ethiopian and had foreign ID he should submit.
       => If the birth was in health center birth certificate of the center should be submitted
       => When child’s tutor or legal guardian appeared to register birth should submit legal document issued by court
       => If the child was found on street, a police or any other legal officer should submit ID.
       => For those who came late for registration if they stay either by sickness or prison they should submit document
            from concerning office
       => Vital registration documents would not be acceptable unless they are approved by Ethiopian embassy and consul.
       => Supporting documents of vital registration that are approved by Ethiopian embassy and consul offices
            and embassies out of Ethiopia will not be acceptable unless they are approved by ministry of foreign affairs.