Marriage Registration


     => Spouses must notify to civil status officer one month before the day of their marriage. However, this does not
      concern marriage concluded with ritual or cultural ceremony.
     => Either male or female can’t married until the age required to get married. But when legally authorized body permit
      age or marriage may be reduced not more than two years.
     => Married between biologically related relatives is forbidden.
     => Civil status officer will not register the marriage if court document which forbids marriage found.
     =>  Any woman can’t get married with another person unless it is confirmed that one hundred eighty days
      passed.However, if she gave birth or conclude marriage with her previous husband or if it is confirmed that she
      is not pregnant or if the court allowed to her not to live alone the marriage will be registered.
     => It is said that legal marriage is concluded only if spouses are free and willing to get married.
     => One of either individuals should be an Ethiopian or Diaspora Four witnesses, 2 witnesses on behalf of the
       bride, 2 witnesses on behalf of the bridegroom appeared.


Required Document for This Service

     => At the moment spouses should submit residence Id or passport
     => Witnesses of spouses should submit renewed residence Id
     => If bride/bridegroom had previously married, divorce certificate should be submitted
     => If a woman needs to get married, after divorce she should submit legal document which testify that she can marry
       less than 80 days after divorce
     => Recent photograph which is ¾ size should be submitted by both sides
     => For the marriage concluded either ritually or culturally witnesses of spouses or a person who was invited on
       the marriage ceremony should appear physically and sign before civil status officer
     => Birth certificate for both should be submitted. If they don’t have birth certificate they first must register their
       birth For those who came late for registration if they stay either by sickness or prison they should submit document
       from concerning office.