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This is institution established again by coordinating the prosperity reform works in Ethiopia. It is called FDRE Immigration, Nationality and vital events agency.


What history says?


On vital events registration from Emperor Minilik to foreign citizens birth and death documents were given and this is clearly stated on historical documents. It starts working by following legal outlines on 1942. Based on by state government declaration seventy fourth city officials were assigned to register residence of the city and the title was stated at letter “D” writing on civil status means/birth, marriage and death/.


The other thing concerning the ministry authority on order number 1/1935 and number 36 letter “D” by the power of ministry of state for counting public authority for marriage and birth registration on civil status given to it by law by giving power of attorney to the municipality of the city for implementation of better work necessary internal laws and regulations given to it. Based on 1951 law notification number 150/43 to assign the place for cemetery, controlling cemetery and it is counted as one of activities issued to the municipality by the civil code law drafted on 1960 to implement vital events registration many articles included on this law number 3361 /1/ for implementing those articles concerning with civil status till unique regulation drafted the aim of vital events the process and implementation when it is compared with the modern and proper registration work manner even though it is tried to include some points reserving the gaps concerning vital events registration and collecting information works conducted in different governmental organizations (i.e Municipality, city administration offices, central statistics agency and health center. On this hand, the processes of registration of vital events were conducted in religious organizations.  


So, in 1943 marriage, in 1954 birth, in 1968 death registration started. This registration done for legal and administrational affairs and by the persons who are willing to register the events certificate is issued.


Participants of vital events registration


A.   Municipalities


One of the long times experienced organization is Addis Ababa city municipality. Municipality has been issued this service since half of 1930’s. By number 172/1946 it is a charter governmental notification about Addis Ababa municipality. On the charter chapter one, number 3 states that Addis Ababa City Administration does have the right to draft laws concerning administration of the city and to implement law of the country at in the city level and implement the laws and the regulations.


Law basis has been taken for the registration activities done by municipality based on 1960 civil code law articles of civil status, and concerning marriage vital registration it is organized based on 1998 revised federal family law.


Even though the services are provided unlike the international vital events registration work manners the municipality and regional municipalities issue documents concerning with birth, marriage, non marriage, death and divorce to those individuals request for it and with this giving closure of documents by the request of other individuals conduct vital events verification.


B.   Central Statistics Agency


Established as one governmental organization with name general statistics office on regulation number 303/1964 and order number 79/1964 the office has been giving incorporation with many researches on vital registration statistics. Accordingly, until the beginning of 1990’s issued results of vital statistics research to customers. Before 1998’s the agency conducted different statistics profession research mechanisms for birth, death, marriage and divorce document.


By the proclamation number 442/1997 for reestablishment of central statistics agency by the power given to it and among them numbering, model research, registration and those economical, social and public statistics information documents collected and by analyzing vital statistics registration study and research guideline department established.


Since 1990’s by changing the mechanisms of the research and incorporation with ministry of labour and social affairs and some regional administrations (Tigray, Amhara and South Nations Nationalities and peoples) and by financial support of United Nations organization research about vital events was concluded.


C.   Health institutions


Health Institution issue birth and death certificate while they are serving. Employees that work in the health institutions that compile statistical information on different annex that are found in different departments they transfer affairs in relation with birth and death vital events.


Health institutions check death event by two mechanisms; if the event of death came to the health institution for medication the doctor that was doing to medication will prepare death medical certificate and issue for the person who request. If the event happens out of the institution when it is requested by court, police, relative or any close friend the doctor will conclude investigation on person who is dead and issue the certificate to be accepted by legal body.


In our country only few numbers of birth or death events in health institutions and there is a gap in all health institutions concerning medical certificate of birth or death events and also working in collaboration with supporting vital events registration.


D.  Religious Organizations


They were serving by following governmental or religious institution since before several years.


E.   Plan Ethiopia and Children of Africa Policy


One of the organization that play a great role for establishment of proper registration process plan Ethiopia and children of Africa Policy nongovernmental organizations they conduct the first scientific research and share their experience in Addis Ababa administration Oromia and Amhara regions. To distribute the reports of this research awareness works implemented.


F.   Ethiopian Human Right Commission


Ethiopian human rights commission works on creating awareness on vital events registration by conducting meeting.


G.  Justice and Law Process Research Institute


Justice and Law Process Research Institute prepared drafted laws and established in 1998 in accordance with one of the articles concerned with Ethiopian civil code law and have tried to forward this test to government.


H.  Ethiopian Public Policy


Ethiopian Public Policy issued enforcement for implementation of vital events registration to in this office. In addition to this by policies central authority (Agency) states that to support vital events registration.


As it is mentioned on the above from the efforts made by governmental or nongovernmental and religious organizations FDRE governmental, political, Social and economical goals for citizens social and economical services and for issuance of effective service by understanding that registration of vital events is the most important thing to transform to the corner stone which is national identification proclamation no. 760/2004 of vital events registration and draft regulation no. 278/2005 by the establishment of council of ministries.


Then after registration started in all over the country including Kebeles by fixing regulation 14/2009 the gap that were challenging the registration process and has been working to be ratified by house of people’s representative since the two organizations combined.


When we look his of Immigration: Even though in 19th century did not issue the service in modern manner foreigners were entered by the permission of the emperor. After they complete their tour there was a history that tells they return to their country. In addition, the letter permission issued to missionaries, military advisors and medication.


From 1887 to make the institution to keep on its working manners when foreigners get into the country the emperor (Emperor Yohannes 4th) by his willing a document with signature of the emperor and permission letter was issued to the administrators then the foreigner will be hospitalized from the entry gate up to the emperor’s city. On this travel hospitalizing and took the stranger by mule and administrator were responsible to take care of the stranger.


The stranger after he arrived and get back to the place he was similar things will be done for him and letter of exist given to him from the emperor. The process continued after the emergency of Minilik in 1988 and when governmental organization regulations establish this office of immigration was under the security declaration under the ministry of the state and this framework or organization continued at the time of Emperor Haileselassie and in 1942 proclamation for immigration drafted. Historical documents states that human power organization was very poor at that moment.


After 1968th Monarchial replaced by Derg under public security organization pass department established and it was working until 1978 then by advancing its name it was organized with name of pass and consular station and then after in 1988th named ministry of local affairs when it is established at ministry level the name changed to immigration and refuges affair head department.


After 1991 by making the immigration service to be modernized and upgrading itself it’s named as immigration and citizenship affairs main department and by now from time to time by improving its service mechanisms and following modern immigration process replaces the manual passport with an electronic passport. To issue different service it is started using modern technologies.


From 2018 one of the reform works started in Ethiopia is service of immigration so considering its benefit for the country combined with vital events building its capacity for giving proper service and established as immigration citizenship and vital events agency.